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YFC Banquet and Comedy Cafe Guide

3 Timeline

"8:45  is  the  new 9:00!"   It is not rocket science to know that if you are going to find support from those with school aged kids aged children you are going to have to be out of your Comedy Cafe by 8:45. This means that you need to fit it "ALL" into a short well crafted package. Don't worry, you can do it, and do it right. Let's look at a successful Comedy Cafe outline.

A great alternative and parallel option is to provide child care. Can the church you are hosting your event at provide child care workers? Consider the options. Simply because you provide child care does not mean that your event can go past 8:45. Keep them wanting a little more...

Remember that it is a Comedy Cafe. We need to keep it light hearted and fun. But fun needs to be on the level of the adult donor and not the students. There should be no potty humor. Tonight our audience is adult. By setting an age suggestion on your tickets you will decrease the number of students filling donor chairs. Your ticket might include, "This Comedy Cafe is designed as to be a Christian adult event although everyone is welcome. Suggested ages 18+". Adults want to come to adult events. Don't exclude students, but push the adult button as much as possible.


6:30p Doors open / Music is playing and trivia videos are running. Remember that the music playing is music that is in the style of the donors, not your students. Personally, the best music track I have heard thus far was an all instrumental version of Disney classics. It made everyone feel happy and uplifted. Coffee bars and dessert tables are open and ready. During this time EVERY staff member is walking the room and meeting everyone they possible can. Each one has been assigned a specific bit of information they need to ask of each person. This avoids redundant conversation. People like to talk about themselves. Let them. This is a time for your staff to ask the questions. Use your trivia video questions to highlight your sponsors. "This question brought to you by Banner Tire Stores." Get that long list of sponsors out of your program. It can make you look like you have too many sponsors to need help.

6:45P Audience is reminded where the locations of the restrooms are and that the program will start proptly at 7:00. Audience is reminded to sign up for the drawing for the "Comedians give-a-way" package at the back table. All we need is their name and email. Winner will be notified by email.

6:50 Former announcement repeated

6:55 Former announcement repeated

6:59 Countdown Video plays

7:00 (Local influential Pastor takes stage to welcome guests and offer prayer of thanksgiving for the food already consumed. Pastor is NOT to mention fundraising. Behind him will stand the YFC Director, his spouse, and all of the YFC Staff and Volunteers. Pastor then introduces YFC Area Director and exits the stage.

7:04 Director will quickly introduce each person with a professional yet somewhat fun protocol. "On my right, originally from Little Rock Arkansas, facilitating our Campus life Club in Parkway Middle school, and Cedar Ridge Middle School is Mr. Morton Plant. (Wait for applause) Next to him is our newest YFC staffer, a recent graduate of Wheaton College, please welcome Tracy Bird...." (and the introductions continue until all are introduced and return to their seats as a group.) "In the audience tonight we have our wonderful board members who give us oversight and direction. Would they please stand? Give them all a hand..."

7:10 "My Name is Rocky Smith and It is my great privilege to be your YFC / Campus Life Director here in Polk County. We are glad you are here. You are going to laugh, and we hope you will also be inspired. Please watch the screen for a special message from our national President Dan Wolgemuth."

7:15 Video plays / Director remains at podium.

7:20 Director "I want to introduce to you a few of your YFC students to give us all a little better understanding of your YFC/ Campus Life program."

7:21 Students will come and read their part in your YFC Story or this will be done via video. What these students say is possibly the most important part of your event. Tab #4 will help you make this perfect.

7:27 Director gives you His own YFC PIXAR Presentation. "It was in the mid 1800's that secular society began to systematically remove God from the lives of students..." (see #4 Testimony tab for more)

7:29 Director introduces guest with as few words as possible. "Our guest is heard each day on SeriusXM Satellite radio. He has written six books. His latest in entitled, 4 out of 5 Dentist are doing 80% of the Dental work... and that's too much. He has a passion for Christ and a mind for hilarity. Please welcome... Marty Long..."

7:30 Comedy (Somewhere in the first two minutes the comedian must let the audience know that he / she is a committed Christian. This will put any skeptical audience member at ease.

8:25 Comedian shares why he/she believes in the work of YFC. Basically... "YFC is the only ministry still going into the public school arena with a clear message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is not a ministry that needs to survive, this is a ministry that needs to thrive!"

8:27 The ASK is given by the comedian or the Director. (see #5 tab)

8:35 Donor cards distributed, completed, and received

8:40 Comedian is asked to explain the CD's he has at the table (this must be done after the ask.)

8:42 Closing Prayer (Local Pastor or Board Member)

(Board, staff, and Director stand at exit doors to thank attenders)

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